BLOMTUNES is a music company created in 2003. Its objectives are to make musical artistry and knowledge available for companies and artists.

Blomtunes is experienced and skilled in various musical disciplines, and that is why it can offer you various musical products such as music productions, music compositions and live performances.

Blomtunes is a small company, so contact is always direct and personal. Reliability and professionalism are key words in Blomtunes’ approach.

Creativity and quality are our top priority!

Blomtunes composes music for:

  • artists
  • choreography
  • TV broadcast & Film
  • company presentations
  • (multi)media presentations
  • themed amusement park attractions

Blomtunes delivers the compositions entirely to measure and can be composed in various musical styles.

Listen to serveral compositions below


Listen below to some audio fragments of compositions & live performances:

All instruments performed by Jeroen van der Blom

(First audio-load takes a few seconds!)

1. My new Bicycle

2. In Anticipation of Victory

3. Back to the Fusion

4. For Naomi

5. Piano Solo & Jazzcombo

6. Butterfly Garden

7. Fairytale

8. Presentation Event – Technic elements 1

9. Presentation Event – Technic elements 2

10. Pop Ballad

11. Spring Walz

12. In Memoriam


The man behind Blomtunes is Jeroen van der Blom.

After high school, Jeroen went to the Utrecht University of Arts – School of Music where he received his School Music training and graduated as Bachelor of Education in Music in 2003. After his initial Bachelor training Jeroen took Piano, Jazz & Pop classes at the Utrecht University of Arts – School of Music where he studied under Bert van den Brink, Cor Bakker and Randal Corsen. In 2008 Jeroen graduated in piano Jazz & Pop and obtained his Diploma Bachelor of Music.

In 2006, on invitation of his university teacher Bert van den Brink, Jeroen visited Clare Fisher in Los Angeles. He stayed for a full week at this great pianist’s place and took piano classes.

At this moment Jeroen works as a pianist, keyboard player, music composer and as arranger and producer of music.


Some performances & projects:

Live performances:

  • Several performances with Speelman & Speelman – 2002 – 2022
  • Theatertour ‘Wakker’ with Speelman & Speelman – 2010 – 2012
  • Theatertour ‘Optimisten’ with Speelman & Speelman – 2012 – 2014
  • Played piano & keyboards with artist ‘Michael Prins’ – cd-release + promoconcerts
  • Played piano & keyboards with artist ‘Michael Prins’
  • Played piano & keyboards with artist ‘Kinga Bán’


  • Heppi – composing for Tablet apps from ‘Jop the Giraffe’ – Project in collaboration with TuneTraffic
  • Leo de Haas T.V. producties – Composition for corporate film in collaboration with TuneTraffic.
  • Holland Symfonia composing & arranging for the project: ‘orkestkeuken’
  • ThiemeMeulenhoff – audioproduction for music method for secondary education: ‘INtro’ – 2018
  • RTL the Netherlands – Composing,arranging, mix & production of several songs for ‘Poppenkast TV’ – Television Broadcast – 2017
  • Recording piano & keyboards for new album ‘Vandaag’ from artist Kinga Bán – 2018
  • Composing & Producing music with Artist and Singer Franklin Brown – 2019 – 2022

Keyboard Player

Jeroen works as a pianist & keyboard player and is familiar with the pop, jazz and electronic-music repertoire and can be booked as a freelance pianist & keyboard player for studio recordings & performances.

Listen at the audio-page via the audioplayer to some live-performances of Jeroen


Blomtunes is not offering any music lessons at this time

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